Festival of Stocks

Welcome to the Festival of Stocks! For those who don’t know, the festival of stocks is hosted on a different blog each week, and any blogger on stocks, bonds, REIT’s, the stock market, or any related topic can share their favorite article. Much thanks to George from Fat Pitch Financials for his work on keeping this Festival going.

Bill Trent at Stock Market Beat is puzzled by Expeditors International’s recent earnings when compared with recently released trade data.

Asif at the SINletter writes about Nautilus’s short squeeze losing steam, and adds his thoughts of their 2006 results and recent conference call.

Travis Johnson, over at One Guy’s Investments, shares his thoughts on the future of Lionsgate now that their blood-and-guts filled movies will be on your iPod.

Joe Caterisano shares his opinion on how individuals can make money in the stock market over at his blog, help with everything.

Bryan C. Fleming shares some useful information on how to open an online savings account.

George from Fat Pitch Financials discusses some of Warren Buffet’s recent trades and the lessons we can learn from them.

“Super Saver” over at My Wealth Builder reflects on some recent stock transactions and his plans for them moving foward.

Inelegant Investor wants to know “Who’s Jove Partners, and what might they do with Lifetime Brands?”

Self Investors has a great post on profiting from the Advanced Energy Initiative.


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  1. […] week’s Festival of Stocks is up at Stock Geek. My article on Berkshire Hathaway’s stock holdings as of December 31, 2006 was included in […]

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